Sunday, August 8, 2010

Prince is Priceless

Prince is a musical genius. He graced us with amazing music and fashion. Prince also introduced us to some amazing beauties over the years. Just recently I didn't realize what an influence he had on my own look. I wear tons of lace, underwear is outerwear, and purple is a color we often use at Rica.

Honestly,  I wanted to be one of Prince's Proteges like Vanity or Apollonia. They really knew how to work the sexual power in there look and energy.

What name would Prince give me if I was one of his ladies?  I vote for Crystal Chandelier.

Here are a few of my favorites Prince ladies.



I couldn't choose on what photo I loved the best. They both full my heart with joy.


With Vanity 6

So Genius

Sheila E

Best Percussionist

Wendy and Lisa

Sexy and Sexy

Diamond and Pearl

Don't know which is Diamond or Pearl either way I live.

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