Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ciao Summer. It's been real.

Summer has drifted away with my tan. We don't mess around with summer here at Rica. Tis the season for sexy summer love and tiny bathing suits. We are a fan of bike rides, wine breaks as we ride our bikes, people watching, catching free fun around the city.  We even took a little trip to Puerto Rico to get away for some inspiration and relaxation. It was much needed. Here are some highlights.

I'm a sucker for sprinklers. 

My nephew's first birthday! The cutest baby in this side of town.

True Blood Sundays. We take these nights very seriously. Candles and red wine. check.

Dancing Queen
My sister's salsa dance show in central park! 

Packing my bathing suits. I may have taken too much just for a few days.

Paradise aka Puerto Rico

Cute surfer boys.

Ice coco.

Imported from New York to Puerto Rico

Where we got tipsy. Who loves Bacardi and coke? 

Best dish from the trip.  Look at those beans. Seriously.

The End :(

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  1. Love, your family is adorable and now i'm craving a trip to PR, and no that was the perfect number of suits for a few days, you can't predict your swim mood that far in advance :)