Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today dad would have been 67 years-old. My father passed away this summer and it's been of course a difficult time. Losing a parent really sucks and you are never really prepared for that moment when you get that awful phone call. Well enough of that.  I'm writing to celebrate his life and share with you my loving relationship I had with him.

Dad saw my interest in fashion when I was really young and was completely supportive. In true dad fashion he right away he gave me a history lesson from A to Z. He told me to watch every big hollywood movie from the 1940's to the 1960's for inspiration. He bought me a book called "The Chronicle of Western Fashion" and that has been my fashion bible for the past 20 years. Dad would take me to Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendels like it was a playground and I would run around if were a jungle gym. I know there are pictures of me at 10 years-old somewhere wearing a fox coat in the Bloomingdales fur salon. Dad and I would watch fashion week on television together and have a full play by play commentary. "Oscar was wonderful. Did you see that chiffon?" This was from a Navy veteran and all around mans man. I love and miss him very much and wished that someday we walked into Bergdorf Goodman and see Rica there together. 

John Sanjurjo 1944-2010

Dad on a date with Mom in the 1960's.
( I got my spicy hair from him)

Dad loved a good meal.

Dad and lil me at my birthday party.

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  1. Whow!! That is so amazing! Your father is pure awesomeness!! You are lucky to have had such a great person loving, inspiring and teaching you in your life! You are generous and share this legacy with all of us that love so much! Thanks Ava!! You are soooo Fab-Glam-Genius, making this world a better place EVERYDAY!!!!!!! xoxo